Project Josephine
Project Josephine

Josephine’s song - adopt a tiny angel

Like many others fighting during WW2, our airman, Tom, carried a small keepsake throughout the war to remind him of home. This keepsake was in his possession when he went missing and his family still have it now. It will be taken on the expedition - returning 80 years later with Tom's descendants, who hope to have the opportunity to say thank you to descendants of the villagers who helped to save Tom's life.

Isla with her tiny angel

Isla with her tiny angel


We would love you to get involved in Pro-Jo by 'adopting' an angel in the name of each missing person listed on the Runnymede memorial - or in the name of someone you have loved and lost and would like to remember with us during Josephine's flight. Head over to our crowdfunding page for more details.

Isla took her tiny angel to the studio, whilst recording the vocals for the animation soundtrack.

She has been working on two songs for Pro-Jo: Josephine's own song (the chorus of which can be heard on the animation soundtrack) and a cover version of ‘Mr Mitchell’s Angel’, a song written by Ivor and Kevan Bundell in remembrance of R.J. Mitchell, designer of the Spitfire.

During a brief visit to the UK in May this year, Isla was joined in the studio by Greg Smith, who is one of Tom’s nephews, and together they recorded their arrangement of ‘Mr Mitchell’s Angel’, which is available on Apple Music , Spotify and other music platforms .

Proceeds from this recording will go to Bowel Cancer UK . The charity was chosen by Isla’s father Robert , who is a survivor of bowel cancer.

R. J. Mitchell died from bowel cancer at a young age and before witnessing the success of the Spitfire. Robert is extremely grateful that improvements in cancer treatments meant that he was able to survive the same illness that claimed Mitchell’s life in 1937.

Abbey Road Studios

‘Mr Mitchell’s Angel’ was recorded at Captain Tom's studio in Aberdeen and mastered at Abbey Road Studios, London.

In September 1944 Glenn Miller made his last recording in Studio One at Abbey Road, which makes this recording studio of special significance to Pro-Jo. In December of the same year Miller became a casualty of war when the aircraft in which was travelling disappeared over the English Channel on its way from London to Paris.

Miller’s surname appears on the 'Wall of Missing' at the Cambridge American Cemetery and he is remembered in special concerts given by today's US Army Air Force Band .

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