Missing in action

Missing in action

Our mission

In autumn 1941, a young aircraft gunner emerges from the desert carried on the back of a nomadic tribesman’s horse…

To the amazement of the guards at a remote RAF base in central Africa, it is missing presumed dead, 27-year-old Tom – the sole survivor of a Bristol Blenheim bomber, believed to have crashed somewhere between the Ivory Coast and Cairo. But what was he doing there? What was his mission? And how had he survived for weeks alone in the brutal African bush?

Now, nearly 80 years later Tom’s incredible tale of courage and endurance can finally be told.

In 2020 an intrepid global team of experts and pilots, family descendants and friends are uniting for a journey of discovery and adventure. Using real Spitfires and compelling first-hand evidence, our action-packed expedition will unite an elite team to investigate and explore Tom’s remarkable story, throwing a new light on the bravery and sacrifice of thousands of allied airmen in one of WW2’s most secretive, but vital operations.