Crowdfunding - join our story

Crowdfunding - join our story

What is Project Josephine

Project Josephine is an action packed expedition and documentary, to be filmed over three years, re-creating the real life story of the little known but hugely significant ‘Takoradi Run' – a 3600 mile supply route flying Spitfires and other aircraft across Africa to Cairo in WW2.

Entwined within this historical context is the personal story of Thomas Roberts - an aircraft gunner who was the sole survivor of a Bristol Blenheim Bomber which crashed in the African tropics.

Included in the documentary is an ambitious attempt to recover the missing Blenheim and the body of the pilot, using old archives, grass roots investigative work and forensic evidence - an extremely challenging expedition full of risks and unknowns.

It is a celebration of life, adventure and freedom in the name of peace.

We’ll offer a link to our crowdfunding page here when it goes live.