Can we find the plane?

Can we find the plane?

Our project

Our film crew will document the incredible journey flown by so many pilots during WW2 who were tasked with delivering over 5000 aircraft to the battlefield in North Africa.

Spitfire Josephine will carry a scroll on board listing the name of every one of the 20,000 missing airforce personnel, as detailed on the Runnymede Memorial in Surrey. As we progress with the campaign we hope that many families will come forward to tell us about their lost relatives.

We will invite schoolchildren to visit Josephine before, during and after her flight from Takoradi to Singapore, and to write letters to Josephine discussing their hopes, ideas and dreams for the future. Some of these letters will be delivered (and collected) along Josephine’s route – letters to be shared between schoolchildren from one country to the next.

Josephine represents the spirit of all Spitfires. These wonderful aircraft were built to bring an end to war, not to cause war. We plan to focus our attention on the African countries Josephine visits and to explore viewpoints other than those usually express in documentaries of this kind. Thomas Roberts never forgot the kindness of the villagers who helped to save his life when the Bristol Blenheim crashed.

Crowdfunding plans
Tiny Angel Productions is a new production company, co-founded by Yoseph, who is also a member of the expedition team.Project Josephine is our first documentary production.

Tiny Angel Productions started its creative journey as the Tiny Angel Company, producing tiny angel keepsakes, which quietly spread goodwill around the world.Many lovely stories emerged through the Tiny Angel Company angels, which led to the setting up of Tiny Angel Productions - and the plan to make our first film.

We want to build an enthusiastic community of people who will enjoy sharing in the adventure of making this documentary. Our final important aim is to produce a wonderful documentary for worldwide broadcast.

Even a donation of £25 would help us to achieve that aim.

The 3 Crowdfunding phases
Phase 1
Phase 2 Expedition
Phase 3 Post-production and distribution

We want every Project Josephine crowdfunder to feel part of Josephine’s goodwill flight.